Weifang in 2015 issued 1 billion 500 million venture guarantee loans

venture capital loans to help countless people to create a cause of life. 2015, the city of Weifang issued 1 billion 500 million yuan of venture capital loans, the completion of the employment task, fully demonstrated the role of entrepreneurship for employment.

from the system input data, the amount of loans and an increase of 200% last year; the guarantee fund amounted to 412 million 758 thousand and 200 yuan, the annual new guarantee fund about 80000000 yuan, the city’s 15 guarantee agency, business loan guarantee institutions under the community sector management 12; annual raise funds 138 million 8 thousand and 500 yuan discount implementation.

business loans so that more entrepreneurs have the opportunity to find venture capital, the continuation of the dream to get rich. Low threshold of venture capital for active market economy, promote economic development is also of great significance.

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