Buffet how to do value for money

new year to go home, the big guy should be the most busy gathering of classmates or friends and relatives between the parties, which should be the busiest during the food and beverage industry. At the end of the year, with the arrival of the festival, the atmosphere of the party is becoming more and more intense, the crowd of dining out increased, the restaurant industry has entered the final sprint stage. The more prosperous, more businesses want to fish in troubled waters. It is reported that the day before, barbecue buffet brand chain is Han Li Xuan health problem, and use the duck meat as beef. Then, with the use of low-cost food more buffet restaurant industry insider was exposed: the famous Shenzhen cafeteria by the media All people belong to one family. investigations found Houchu multiple violations of raw material for synthetic refrigeration fin needle "suspected" three noes "products.

buffet industry from prosperity a few years ago to turnover fell significantly, the cycle of food quality, restaurant management for many years is difficult to jump out, now again again, has to have time to change.

buffet category how to break through? It’s time to redefine

buffet = cheap ingredients to become a buffet can not jump out of the pit

is on par with the Han Li Xuan once Jinhansi consumer standard buffet chain brand, after Hans last year continued into the closed shop, barbecue buffet first big brand on the market. Now broke the use of fake meat, and broke the original Hans health problems similar consequences, are poor management impact the reputation may lead to a new wave of decline in performance and closed shop tide.

and the use of fake meat has become the food industry ills. Detection of duck steak chains sell steak ingredients, mutton slices cooked in hot pot mutton rolls by color and pressed duck…… Buffet also did not escape the fake food pit.

buffet operators experienced by customers to figure out how to be down to eat "secret and the Raiders, but also trained King Kong is not bad, there are many ways to deal with overeating, which is the main means to reduce the cost of food, cheap buffet soon became a gathering place for cheap food, unidentified ingredients.

this phenomenon is more obvious in the low priced buffet. Nearly 50 yuan a buffet, almost equal to the price of a pound of formal channels to buy beef. Obviously, if all the food is purchased at a high standard, and not limited to take a meal, the price will be at a loss.

then had pressed beef trimmings slicing beef, through other channels to purchase unknown frozen goods, cheap meat products.

even known as high-grade seafood buffet, but also can not avoid the quality of ingredients.

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