How many loyal customers do you open

when more and more investors into the food and beverage industry, but also led to increasingly fierce competition in the market. In the face of the current fierce catering market, how to keep the restaurant revenue, depending on how many customers you can retain, how many loyal customers.

catering industry every day to face the harsh challenges, the time to open a shop door, who do not know what the results of the day will be. On the street looking at Malone, our business can People are hurrying to and fro., ready to send home, it seems inexhaustible opportunities; but the guest Chuaizhe money. With the idea that no one can master their spending intentions.

at the end of the day, the restaurant sold out, surrounded by the door waiting for the next wave entering the crowds at a glance; but some restaurant to a vacant seat, apparently a hard day and will be cast to waste. Sheng and failure, hot and cold, did not like what reason can explain, but somewhere seems to have some rules in controlling this kind of phenomenon.

restaurant opened along with back place, advantages and disadvantages of the taste of the food, the service level of high and low, are important factors influencing the ups and downs of the business, so Business Hours must show a grad situation. But most of the time we will see some restaurants, Business Flourishes, indeed in all aspects of a master.

However, some

place dishes, service superior than its restaurant, but why not many customers will? What factors are more important than the location, dishes and service will affect the customer’s consumption intention?

The concept of "

one thousand patrons"

The competition of

food and beverage industry is intense year by year, the market supply of this industry already exceeded demand. In other words, there are 10 restaurants have been opened in the first half of the 3 can not survive, there will be very hard to operate the business of the 4, can be stable and profitable only accounted for about 30%.

in such difficult conditions, to become a profitable restaurant, in addition to a good environment, dishes to the standard, style, price is also very important. However, these conditions are still not fully expressed will be successful, but also to have a stable long-term support for tourists.

what is the "one thousand old customers"

The so-called "

one thousand patrons, is 1000 per month on average to store more than one dining guests. These guests even when 50% alone, with a partner when the 50%, will bring more than 1500 people per month consumption. 1500 people divided by the consumption of 30 days, at least 50 people a day fixed consumption brought by them.

to store 200 square meters to the size of 300 square meters of the restaurant every day

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