How to find a way to survive

no matter what we shop, in the vicinity of a winding around, more than a period of time will be found, the same business will be more than one shop. The shops, the impact of e-commerce tradesmen, fierce competition in the market, many small shops in the supermarket or a squeeze against the transfer, or switch to find another way to survive. I am also once had the idea of closed shop, but the transition easier said than done?

my shop worked for nearly 16 years, for many years in the management of tobacco and sugar tea can be said to be hundreds of times, and insist on the management of operating in good faith-based, accumulated certain popularity, formed to store shopping customers. Therefore, I still want to continue to adhere to my store management, and strive to broaden the business ideas, to seek a better and more long-term development approach.

is a faith-based business philosophy can not be shaken. Honest and trustworthy, fair trade, is the best guarantee to gather popularity, earn money. Even a foreign tourists to the store to buy a bottle of beverage, a box of instant noodles to hospitality, and take the initiative to ask the need of instant noodles, instant noodles in boiling water to provide free services, it is good faith; integrity weightier than Mount Tai,

two is the best choice in the purchase of fresh, so that old customers like to patronize my store. Although large supermarkets often make special offer, some customers freeloaders go shopping in the supermarket, but in comparison, some food quality is not as good as my shop is good, because we are dominant in store purchase, one-time purchase, sell with the following, customers can buy from the long shelf life of food, although the high price of one or two hair, but shop near home, convenient and safe. This geographical advantage for the store to retain the old customers;

three is hard to pay, extended business hours, increase sales revenue. Early in the business hours to open a shop, late closed shop, is to compete with the big supermarket for a time difference. Large supermarket shop opened and closed most of the time in the store as early as 8 to 8 pm, and my shop can be as early as 5 the shop, the shop closes at 11 at night.

this morning near the residential tenants and across the breakfast breakfast customers will visit my shop, buy a few boxes of cigarettes, a few bottles of beverages; night street taxi driver passed the shop door for some change, buy a pack of cigarettes, drink drink, eat bread, daily accumulation, it adds a substantial income to the shop. Now I am full of confidence in the prospects for the development of the store, I think, as long as adhere to the integrity of management, will be able to seek retail stores in the market competition in the survival of the road.

small shop is small, there is no enough strength to do some big shops and competition, however, if you can find their own advantages, let more consumer satisfaction, shops will be more prosperous development. So, if you are a small shop operators, you know how to seek survival and development?

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