How to do business under the current economic situation

different economic environment, people’s business will have a different influence. As venture capitalists, only to find the current economic situation of the cause, to be able to get a better development of entrepreneurship. And the economy is like a river, where it dries up, where the water is drained, and then the water is healthy, and this is a state regulation. All we have to do is find the best opportunity in this situation.

when the economy has some problems, there are a lot of people fear, so we see the big boss observation, small boss trying to find a breakthrough, some laid-off workers and ordinary people do not have to sit to eat dead capital, so forced entrepreneurship is also a positive aspect of things.

rich people even if you don’t have to eat the investment, and the poor people without much money can not, at least have to feed their families ah, so they are the most urgent need under the situation of business people, because they want to survive, need to continue to work even if the positions of the source of income, no less than the low entrepreneurial competence. But on the other hand, the overall economic level of the flow also determines the basic living security, so there is no need to worry about how much.

Ma said that many countries are facing the same problem, and throughout history, every economic good and bad trend will be born out of many innovative enterprises and entrepreneurs, so the economy was threatening to entrepreneurship is also a positive influence.

no matter how to change the economy, every change will lead to different needs, and will lead to different business forms, and the lazy can earn money if the enterprise transformation and innovation which will die ugly, it will eliminate a number of old forms of enterprise, and the birth of many new situation the enterprise. For example, there is a sense of user involvement in the enterprise, more simple and suitable for the operation of flat light operating enterprises, including simple and easy to operate and distinctive features of the restaurant, which is what we have been advocating.

in this case, changes in consumer psychology people will only choose preferred: such as the basic necessities of life, rigid demand, estimation of other services for entertainment is arranged at the end of the.

one, people need to be more cost-effective consumption.

this is applicable in any business model, but this time it must be more obvious. I like a little large Hot pot franchisee said, not your taste, the common sense actually contains a lot of business ideas, because you want to improve quality and reduce costs in order to graft the most affordable to consumers, but also to maximize the added value to make them.

two, do not serve a group of people, and serve a class of people.

a lot of entrepreneurs start to hate all the people

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