Open shop taboo link all placed in the image

in order to allow people to enter into their own shops inadvertently, many pictures are used to link, and some website pages look good, generally placed in the top are some pictures, so the specific content requires a link, but some people will link all placed in the image, which is open shop taboo.

A Boy online ", is likely to account for this situation, and to contain the connection in the image as an interactive text list – ah! Width of more than 1 thousand pixels. As a result, I did not use the mouse to explore – in fact, you can use the tab key to find these connections – but back out. And if some users stop writing interactive text so much, why can not the same purpose can add some text link?

you have done before such a thing? So after reading the small series of this article, do you know how to avoid, at the same time be able to do their own business? A correct link, will be able to make your career to play a multiplier effect, so that you are more successful!

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