How to seize the opportunity of cigarette retailing

although the daily retail business process, many shops also cigarette sales have been good, but in life, every Pro marriage encounter had life, building a house and other large banquets, became the first cigarette in consumer goods "". Dinner with smoke because of the large quantity and structure, this kind of high profits, but also retail customers eyes "xiangbobo". So, how to seize the opportunity to achieve these bulk cigarette sales, improve their performance? We have several retail customers, let them talk about what way.

retail customers: Wu Haijun

point of view: to be a good person, collect good information

belongs to the wedding and funeral events, because of the large amount of business, the profit is also very attractive, therefore, our retail customers usually have to be a conscientious, pay attention to the side of the impending dinner opportunities, and then change shopkeeper to salesmen, take the initiative to get.

first, learn to analyze. General banquet activities have certain rules to follow, we retail customers to grasp the different characteristics of different seasons, targeted preparation, in order to expand the cigarette market. For example, after the Spring Festival, Spring returns to the earth, it is a good time, building a house can not be ignored; during the summer holiday before the great entrance feast is birthday, birthday party, wedding is the winter peak and so on, only you can seize the opportunity to sell cigarettes is not difficult.

second, to encourage the free airing of views. In the usual business, retail customers to use the side resources to encourage the free airing of views, and collect effective information, grasp the sales opportunities. Retail customers need encourage the free airing of views to be a conscientious, find useful information and customers and friends exchanges, especially to consciously ask this kind of cigarette business.

third, to take the initiative to attack. Now the business is not good, the competition between peers is also very fierce. We are not only in the fight strength, but also in the fight and fight network services. In this case, go to the middle of the consumer to understand their needs, adjust marketing ideas, grasp business opportunities.

fourth, to learn to lose. Learn to lose is to understand how to make concessions retail customers. The bulk of cigarette smoke is basically the result of a compromise. For example, a smoke most is some strong brands, and in the peak period basically have premium may, then, retail customers should be strictly in accordance with the retail price of the sale, do not stare at the immediate petty profits, because the profit and loss of honor, The loss outweighs the gain.

retail customers: Zhang Bo

view: cigarette Qiao reserves, failing heart does not panic

dinner with a large quantity of smoke, high structure, such as being a "surprise attack", "

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