Nanjing to make smarter participants breakthrough 2000 people

although with the advent of the Internet, our online economy have made great progress, many people give up the entity industry began to move toward the Internet industry, but it is worth mentioning that, no matter what our goods rely on selling, basic manufacturing industry as a social existence, never fall in the market. Reporter 22, learned from the provincial Commission by letter, will be held on December 6th to 8 in Nanjing, the world’s smart Manufacturing Conference preparatory work is ready, there will be a total of 12 countries in the world, the number of participants in the enterprise, the number exceeded 2000 people.

according to the provincial Commission by letter to the director Xu Yiping introduction, the world of Intelligent Manufacturing Conference is the world’s top professional exhibition event, held for the first time in our province, the general assembly to "make smarter" as the theme, "the design of the main structure of 1818", namely the 1 Summit Forum and the 8 thematic forums, 1 of the world’s intelligent manufacturing. And 8 special events.

as a province of high-end elements, the development of high-end industries, enhance the international competitiveness of the industry’s major initiatives, the general assembly has five characteristics: first, the international. Chinese Academy of engineering and the German Academy of engineering, the Royal Swedish Academy of engineering, China Machinery Industry Federation, the German Fraunhof Association, the American Society of mechanical engineers and industrial research Germany and other international well-known authority will come to participate. Forum guests from 8 major intelligent manufacturing powerhouse, exhibitors from 12 countries.

two is advanced. The main exhibitors from internationally renowned research institutions, the world’s top 500 enterprises and domestic leading enterprise in the field of intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, robotics, intelligent solutions such as the world’s most advanced technology of intelligent manufacturing field will be displayed.

three is professional. The theme of the conference and the theme of the design of rigorous professional, guests are invited to the industry’s top experts, the content of the speech are around the field of intelligent manufacturing expertise.

four is diversity. The conference will focus on the theme, set up a high-level forum, large-scale exhibitions, a variety of activities, as well as carefully organized a series of important supporting activities.

five is practical. With the advent of economic globalization, the development of manufacturing industry can not be separated from each other to strengthen cooperation, so as to more effectively enhance the efficiency of enterprises. The combination of advanced concepts and technology and industry development, in the arrangements of forums, exhibitions and activities, carefully designed assembly resources import and grafting, organizations across the province, colleges, and backbone enterprises to strengthen institutions, enterprises and experts participating comprehensive docking, meeting results design and floor work, promote the intelligent manufacturing industry in Jiangsu Province the depth of participation in international exchanges, promote the sustainable development of intelligent manufacturing assembly.

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