Roley home textile franchisee Shen’s legendary entrepreneurial life

successful people are mostly have a legendary life, today we take a look at the Carolina home textile franchisee Shen Ke entrepreneurial road is what kind of, he has what kind of legendary entrepreneurial life? To the subsequent entrepreneurs and what business inspiration?

out of the state-owned factoryFamiliar with

1992 Carolina started the operation of the company, Xue Weicheng, Xue Weibin two brothers are optimistic about the development prospects of textile market, intends to take on the Shanghai market began planning the focus of attack, so the strategic city of Taiyuan to a person, this person is Shen G.


here, Shen grams in Jiangsu province Nantong wool textile factory for more than 8 years, it is a large state-owned enterprises, the production of the products included in the 80s and the "permanent bicycle", "Shanghai watches" and other famous trademarks as "red deer" blanket". In the left then both scale and famous state-owned enterprises, Shen g as wool factory workshop value monitor, responsible for the workshop production management, with a monthly salary of six hundred or seven hundred yuan in it is pretty good, just 20 years old Shen Ke has some "sit", "the work is dull, I actually want to go to the sales work. But, I know as "mixed" on can do a workshop director."

he ultimately chose to leave. In 1992, with textile technology in recent years the accumulation of knowledge, Shen g began a period from scratch a living.

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