The employment problem of Chongqing municipal government to solve the awesome

although the level of economic development in life is obvious to all of us, but in some rural areas, the employment problem of the villagers is still not eliminated. Chongqing Jiulongpo branch before the date of Jin Feng Zhen Hai Lan village, Liangshan Fuyuan street community to carry out the "pair Bangdai village", to solve the employment problem of 65 villagers. The deep branch of LAN Cun, Liangshan Zhenhai Jinfeng Fuk Street community, through seminars, visits and other forms of understanding of village organization construction, guide the community party according to the resident area, and overseas workers classification established 3 Party branch, party organization life standard.

villagers employment problem? Can not do without the help of the local government, the villagers can not be separated from the positive! At the same time, a combination of business functions, in accordance with the concept of Finance focuses on poverty alleviation, in poverty alleviation in the "blood type" way to promote the work of. Support the blue village village committee to create a beautiful rural electricity supplier platform, so that the village of 6 agricultural products to the market. The scale of the enterprises Bangdai resources, provide 5 entrepreneurial projects for the villagers, loan financing 1 million 200 thousand yuan, the recruitment of 26 villagers into the enterprise, to solve the employment problem of 65 villagers.

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