CBA Xinjiang 3 1 out of Beijing is expected to break the curse win

CBA games recently become increasingly fierce competition, the Xinjiang team 3-1 Beijing team into the semi-finals list out. However, in the last 18 years, the elimination of the Beijing team has never won, this curse can not be broken.

CBA playoffs 1/4 finals second millennium Xinjiang team had to 3-1 defeat last year’s champion Beijing team, it is gratifying! Netizens ridicule: Marbury can’t save the Beijing team, think that year old to know the Beijing team have, today is really old!

2 21, 2015-16 CBA 1/4 final playoff season only a group to start the fourth round of the contest, the big score 1-2 Beijing vs. Xinjiang Wukesong back again. Guy Lee scored 18 points and 4 rebounds, xirelijiang Biao in winning three points, Xinjiang away in strong with a 103-94 win over Beijing, the total score 3-1 semi-final success. Their opponents in the semi-finals were Sichuan.

CBA in the first round of the playoffs fourth games, Xinjiang away 103-94 defeat to Beijing, with a total score of 3-1 eliminated opponents. Although the Xinjiang team has been successfully promoted, but a curse will come in the way – out of the Beijing team in the playoffs in 18 years, missed the win.

this season is the Beijing team fifteenth times in the history of the CBA playoffs in 14 playoff history in the past, in addition to the three win, a total of 11 teams in the series win over Beijing. The only time the earlier 95-96 and 97-98 season, the Bayi team twice to beat Beijing in the final summit. After the other teams across Beijing this hurdle in the playoffs, but the best is the runner up. From 1998 to date, the curse has lasted for up to 18 years.

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