Study on the atherosclerosis and risk factors of the elderly in the plateau

May 3rd, province science and technology office, the Provincial Bureau of foreign experts organized experts to undertake foreign experts Bureau of Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University project "plateau arteriosclerosis and risk factors of" the scientific research achievement evaluation and acceptance.

Since the implementation of the project

project since 2008, has invited the center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University, Japan Asia comprehensive geographical research Suoao, Songling kouzou Qing palace, Kimura Tomomi and other well-known medical experts to participate in the youth research project. After 5 years of the project, the research group on team members in-depth grassland, in Haibei Prefecture, Yushu, in 877 cases of elderly herdsman (Han, Tibetan, Mongolian) of the clinical data of data acquisition and biochemical examination, through collecting and analyzing relevant data indicators, found some risk of old people in plateau artery hardening factor, research group members have published 16 papers of high quality, including China 9, Japan 7, a number of papers in the first and the second Asia Pacific International Conference, Japan International Medical plateau plateau medical conference read exchange, have a certain influence in the world.

after the experts unanimously agreed that the project selected close to the reality of Qinghai, the subject of a reasonable design, reliable data analysis, statistical methods are correct, the identification results reached the international advanced level. (author: Mao Cuixiang)


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