Huangzhong innovation three public announcement system of three

Huangzhong County Tumen Guan Xiang Hou Gou Cun in strengthening the base construction work, new measures of positive innovation of village affairs and democratic management, to the interests of the people involved in the assessment, guaranteeing the "two rooms" construction project implementation, all major issues to explore the establishment of "Three Village on the three list of publicity system, with a system to protect the people’s right, the right to participate in decision-making and supervision, promote the management of village affairs openness, fairness and justice, the people unite and promote the development of.
village "two committees" on all major issues through the village held villages public forum, interviews and home visits to understand the public opinion and so on, on the basis of solicit public opinions and suggestions on the combination of every village "two committees" members of the opinions and suggestions, the village committees will discuss with the formation of the bill. The village committees will negotiate the matters in advance to inform all members of the village branch of the motion, so that each party members into full play, put forward opinions and suggestions, and timely organization of Party members held meetings to discuss the consideration of village committees will determine the matters according to the bill, put forward opinions and suggestions to revise and improve the organization after the formation of major matters of implementation plan and by "two committees" of the village households to carry out policy publicity and guidance, to lay a good foundation for the resolution of the general meeting of public opinion. Will the party meeting to consider the major issues identified by the organization implementation scheme from each group of villagers, the villagers group first organized a meeting for further discussion, on the basis of the organization held a village meeting by all the villagers to vote on major issues to finalize the final plan. In the voting process, the measure is not perfect or the conditions are not ripe to modify the motion or wait until the conditions are ripe to re-enter the three discussion work procedures. The village committee, village Party branch meeting deliberations, General Assembly resolution three villagers were needed publicity, to accept supervision by the masses. Since 2014, after the village of 24 households in 96 rural residents, 27 households and 103 poverty assessment object evaluation, 19 "two rooms" construction, installation of 150 solar street lights, village cultural square building, 0.8 acres of green belt construction and village financial and other major issues of the "three meeting" decision, "three list" publicity.

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