NPC deputies supervise lax congestion management

In August 19th, the National People’s Congress, the government and the public security police, traffic and other departments of the provincial people’s Congress deputy director Cao Hong and the head of the Xining, on the four session of the twelve Provincial People’s Congress on behalf of the city of Xining on efforts to solve the traffic congestion problems and improve the city road traffic efficiency of three representative supervision suggestions.

through on-site inspections of major traffic jams in Xining urban area, listen to the Xining municipal government on the representative opinions and suggestions for the report, the inspector group pointed out that in recent years, Xining city to further strengthen the road traffic management, the implementation of the road traffic order to slow blocking Paul Chang for the centralized management and a series of rule blocking measures. To improve the traffic capacity of the road, and achieved certain results. Inspection team suggested that one should increase the road traffic engineering construction; two to strengthen the road traffic order management; the development of public transport to facilitate the masses to travel; the four to continue to work together, adhere to the constant grasp of the tireless efforts of the three. The inspection team pointed out that to solve Xining’s traffic congestion this problem is a long-term and arduous task, the relevant departments to do the work of long-term mental preparation, maintain a firm confidence, establish triumphalism, unrelenting grasp of congestion management work, to the National People’s Congress and the people a satisfactory answer.

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