Xining city public security police Beiqin 24 hours escort for the festival

December 27th, the reporter learned that, Xining city public security organs at all levels of the police will go all out to 24 hours, to ensure that the "two" "NPC and CPPCC" during the period of social stability.

it is understood that the public security organs at all levels of the new situation and new features in the area of criminal activities and social security situation, organize the focus on strong, short time and quick and remediation actions. Fireworks and firecrackers during the Spring Festival, public gathering places and more activities, large-scale cultural and recreational activities, and easily lead to security incidents, accidents, do a good job of accident prevention and security work. The Fire Department of the Gaestgiveriet Hotel, markets and other crowded places and dance halls, video halls, electronic game rooms, Internet cafes and other public places of entertainment as the focus, to carry out a comprehensive fire safety inspection, eliminate fire hazards. Traffic police took to the streets to ensure road traffic safety management during the spring festival. (author: Yuan Yuhong)


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