The provincial capital of small and micro hotels million profit

recently, the reporter from the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau, since the first half of this year, small and micro hotel since opening, as of now, Xining city opened the small hotel a total of 93 thousand and 200 tourists, of which the province of 27 thousand and 300 tourists, foreign tourists 66 thousand people, a total income of 12 million 495 thousand and 800 yuan.

it is understood that this year, the small and micro hotel opened to many business people to provide a good market, while easing the difficulty of a tropical tourist city in Xining to find a shop. January to July, Xining 46 small and micro hotel reception of tourists, including 13 thousand and 300 tourists in the province, the province’s tourist population of 32 thousand and 200 people, total tourism income of 6 million 35 thousand and 400 yuan ($45 thousand and 500).

August is a month of Xining city tourism is the hottest, in the city of Xining small hotel leadership group office under the coordination of Xining City, the new 20 small hotels, small hotels in Xining city in August only 47 thousand and 800 tourists, the province of 14 thousand tourists and foreign tourists 33 thousand and 800 people, a monthly income of 6 million 460 thousand yuan, of which 14 small hotel monthly income above 100 thousand yuan. (author: Ma Rong)

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