Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and the Xining evening news joint model knowledge c

  6· 5 "world environment day to the end, in order to create a strong atmosphere to create a national environmental protection model city, and constantly improve people’s awareness of environmental protection and the satisfaction rate of the model, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and the newspaper jointly organized" Xining creway knowledge contest activities (see topic in today’s B16 version).


June 2010 I started to create a national model city, City Environmental Protection Bureau, how do by taking various measures to increase environmental protection and a model of knowledge propaganda, continue to inspire enthusiasm in learning the knowledge of environmental protection and public participation model activities, public awareness on environmental protection and the model has been raised. "6· 5" world environment day to the end, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau prepared a model of knowledge of 90 questions, a joint newspaper co sponsored "Xining creway knowledge contest". Whether you are civil servants or employees, students can actively participate in the competition, the top 30 outstanding organization award and 300 Personal Excellence Award, all units, enterprises, communities, schools and actively organize their participation, common dedication for the city model of quantity. The answer as to how people want to further understand knowledge, can read the 2010 June since the "Xining Evening News" reports and recently published "environmental protection knowledge model".

participating units and individuals will be sent to the answer card or sent to the city of West Road No. 25, Haiyan Environmental Education Center, telephone number is 6330336, the deadline for June 30th.


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