Xining mayor experience travel peak late

dozen, crowded bus…… The evening of June 18th, Wang Yubo, mayor of Xining to experience the tourist experience during the evening rush hour taxi and bus services. Wang Yubo stressed that taxis and buses are the flow of the city’s service window, industry service level represents the overall image of the city, reflecting the degree and level of urban civilization, and people’s lives are closely related. To comprehensively enhance the overall level of the taxi and bus industry civilization services, to maximize the convenience of the people, to promote the development of national civilized city activities.

from wells lane to take a taxi to market south of Qinghai daily river garden to get off, and take the 9 bus to transfer to bus 10 51 after arriving at the South Street intersection, small and large transfer to a small sonoyama India bus, get off to the children’s hospital. Then take a taxi to the Xining bus station, walk to the Qinghai Tibet railway company to take a taxi at the entrance, return to the Qinghai daily triangle garden…… That night, Wang Yubo from 19:45 to 21:45. In two hours, Wang Yubo walk, don’t stop talking with taxi drivers and bus passengers, with the public’s understanding of the opinions and suggestions of city traffic security demand, focus and service standards, for the safe operation of the bus, civilization etc.. See, Wang Yubo found that part of the bus is equipped with a safety hammer is lost, small buses and some taxis are dirty and messy capacities appearance of the car phenomenon, illegal cab operations are on the rise, the bus ride hard and play hard problems still exist.

on how to further strengthen the taxi, bus service management, Wang Yubo put forward specific requirements. He stressed that one should adhere to the convenience. To solve the basic needs of the public and tourists in the "line", "hard drive, seriously study the ease to play hard" and other outstanding issues, timely optimization of bus lines, to take effective measures to provide good protection for the public and tourists travel. Two to highlight safety. Management departments should attach great importance to traffic safety, do a good job in the work of production safety, pay attention to safety hazards investigation, rectification, the implementation of safety management measures to effectively protect the public, tourists travel safety. Three to reflect civilization. To continue to increase remediation efforts to strengthen the capacities appearance of the car, the driver of the civilized behavior training, and constantly improve the service quality and reputation evaluation mechanism, enhance the level of service industry civilization. Four to standardize order. For the public to reflect the train station, wells Lane Nankou, Xining bus station, car, carpool problem, city passenger management departments should strengthen management, and constantly improve the management system and service measures, improve the comprehensive management level of law enforcement. (author: Sheng Nan)

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