Provincial Party school held in 2016 fall semester opening ceremony

9 1, the provincial Party school, the Provincial Institute of administration, the Provincial Institute of socialism in the fall semester opening ceremony held in the provincial Party School in 2016. Provincial Party committee, Minister of the organization Hu Changsheng around not forget the heart, to move forward, the theme of the speech, deputy governor of the provincial government, Secretary General Yang Fengchun attended.

Hu Changsheng stressed that we must always remember where we come from. The practice came from Marx’s China of Chinese, only socialism can save, only socialism can China characteristic development Chinese; coming from the masses, the masses of trust encourage us to continue to move forward, the wisdom of the masses to inspire us to continue to progress, the strength of the masses to support our growing; comes from Chinese civilization heritage in the tradition, zhonglide, established and meritorious service. read more

West Railway Station taxi illegal to be stopped

train station taxi violations after the newspaper exposure has attracted wide attention from all sectors of society, reporters from the city transportation department was informed that the combination of a city to carry out the work, transport authorities will further standardize the taxi management arrangements for the west railway station, the illegal taxis will be stopped.

it is understood that the city’s transport department for transport inspectors shall not leave, according to the time to train personnel adjustment, to crack down on the train station charges, illegal operation of vehicles and taxipooling mix, cheating, refusing and incorrect use meter and other illegal acts. Yunguanchu Inspection Brigade deployed a inspection unit to conduct inspections and inspection in the designated train station and the surrounding areas in the daily 8:30 to 19:00. Strict discipline, the captain personally led, stick to the position to ensure that the train station on duty does not leave blank time, blank area. read more

Xining industrial and commercial system to carry out the brand playing fake hundred days enforcemen

recently, the Xining Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau in accordance with the system "brand, fake" special enforcement action arrangement, actively adjust ideas, quickly make arrangements to determine the focus of regulation, clear organization and leadership, on the area of the market, shopping malls, supermarkets and other key areas to pull net type check, quickly set off a 100 day enforcement action climax. For investigating the trademark infringement case 249, 27 dens, a total value of 2 million 370 thousand and 200 yuan. read more

Xiguan Street office empty nest elderly people to help the unemployed when the nanny

North Street Office of the provincial capital of the North meteorological Lane community home care and employment priority organic combination, priority placement laid-off, unemployed 62.

June 10th, the reporter in the West Main Street, 18, saw the empty nest elderly Yan branch. The old man more than and 70 years old, left leg after stroke left sequela. Her wife more than and 80 years old, the body is not bad, usually in the home on the old two. 3 months ago, Shi Xiuling, director of the meteorological community neighborhood committees for them to introduce the nanny Shen lotus. Shen Lian is also the area residents, no children, no work, only one hundred yuan per month guaranteeing payment of life. In the community workers pull the line, Shen Lian became a strict home nanny. read more

Xining mayor experience travel peak late

dozen, crowded bus…… The evening of June 18th, Wang Yubo, mayor of Xining to experience the tourist experience during the evening rush hour taxi and bus services. Wang Yubo stressed that taxis and buses are the flow of the city’s service window, industry service level represents the overall image of the city, reflecting the degree and level of urban civilization, and people’s lives are closely related. To comprehensively enhance the overall level of the taxi and bus industry civilization services, to maximize the convenience of the people, to promote the development of national civilized city activities. read more

Zhuang compound mess phenomenon was cleared

recently, City Office of the atmosphere found on to check Ning mutual Road double million coal yard and the construction site in the village courtyard, in the courtyard of a village unattended idle bare land stockpiling a large number of construction waste and garbage, dirty, chaotic and poor environment.
in accordance with the requirements of city leaders, recently, east district government to act quickly, closely deployment, active coordination, organization construction, urban management, environmental protection departments, dispatched 2 loaders, 1 excavators, with a time of 3 days, there will be more than 300 cubic meters of buildings and refuse to conduct a comprehensive clean-up of the site were flat investment of 100 thousand yuan; the purchase of dense mesh on the bare land were full coverage, covering an area of 16840 square meters, and the coordination of the Qinghai Tibet railway company arrange for 24 hours in the bare land site stationed to prevent idle vehicles muck and garbage dumping of construction.
  read more

Xining to strengthen the development of the province’s leading demonstration of the power of Xining

April 26th, vice governor Zhang Jianmin to Xining Central Plaza North expansion project, DOPA metro, Beichuan river area and other key projects on-site investigation, a detailed understanding of the urban planning and construction in Xining. He stressed that to enter the new stage of development, as the center of the provincial capital city, Xining, to further enhance the development of the province’s lead demonstration power.

research, Zhang Jianmin fully affirmed Xining in recent years, a lot of work in planning and construction. He pointed out that the Xining city planning system basically established, the construction of key projects to promote quickly, new construction included in the regulation, the pace of the accelerated transformation of the old city, the Xining municipal government in the planning and construction management requirements and ideas, levels and a higher starting point, the development of concept update. read more

Xining multisectoral helping three production enterprises

August 17th, the municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social and other 9 departments and the district government jointly held a "help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment" activities of the leading group of the third members of the industry group meeting in. Vice mayor Zhang Yongjun listened to the work of various departments to help enterprises to carry out, the requirements of various departments to strengthen the consciousness of helping Small and micro businesses, propaganda policy in the enterprise, to find out the situation of the enterprise, to determine the list of key supporting enterprises as soon as possible, to ensure that activities take effect. read more

Xining Municipal Committee Team held a special democratic life study and practice activities

June 3rd morning, the Provincial Standing Committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun chaired the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee in-depth study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development thematic democratic life. Wang Jianjun stressed that the leadership of democratic life will be a key part of the study and practice activities. To highlight the problems through in-depth personal search and group existence, profound analysis, clear direction, earnestly carry out criticism and self-criticism, the Standing Committee to further strengthen self construction, and constantly improve the level of administration and leadership. read more

Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and the Xining evening news joint model knowledge c

  6· 5 "world environment day to the end, in order to create a strong atmosphere to create a national environmental protection model city, and constantly improve people’s awareness of environmental protection and the satisfaction rate of the model, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and the newspaper jointly organized" Xining creway knowledge contest activities (see topic in today’s B16 version).


June 2010 I started to create a national model city, City Environmental Protection Bureau, how do by taking various measures to increase environmental protection and a model of knowledge propaganda, continue to inspire enthusiasm in learning the knowledge of environmental protection and public participation model activities, public awareness on environmental protection and the model has been raised. "6· 5" world environment day to the end, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau prepared a model of knowledge of 90 questions, a joint newspaper co sponsored "Xining creway knowledge contest". Whether you are civil servants or employees, students can actively participate in the competition, the top 30 outstanding organization award and 300 Personal Excellence Award, all units, enterprises, communities, schools and actively organize their participation, common dedication for the city model of quantity. The answer as to how people want to further understand knowledge, can read the 2010 June since the "Xining Evening News" reports and recently published "environmental protection knowledge model". read more