Bozhou returned students to build libraries for left behind children

Bozhou as China’s economic development is relatively backward area, many young people have to step on the pace of migrant workers, their young children had to be placed in the home. For the left behind children in the town of Bozhou City Liu Liu Lou village, now they are the happiest thing is to have their own library". Jiang Qingbo returned home to his new home will be idle to create a dream study, open to the children left behind, we have a detailed understanding of the following.

"to see the hometown more and more beautiful, but the villagers at the spiritual level is not rich, especially in the village of left-behind children during the holidays have nowhere to go, and then use their own idle houses had founded the study idea." Jiang Qingbo told the author, the study area of about 200 square meters, there are more than 2000 books, mainly for young children’s books, including the "disciple", "why", "the story of the people" and so on. Every day, the children in the village study in the study, not only enrich the life, but also learned the knowledge. Especially for the parents of migrant workers left behind children, the study is a good place for them to read. read more

Teach you how to operate the ice cream Stores

entrepreneurship shop, shop construction is only the appearance of the existence of the necessity of the real essence of things still depends on the effectiveness of the entity to highlight. Take the food and beverage industry, in the food and beverage industry, ice cream stores are more profitable items, and entrepreneurial operability, as long as a small store can do business. Although the ice cream business is very hot, but if poor management, your ice cream stores still can not survive, the key is to know how to open. read more

Amount of tea shop 3 site selection skills

choose a good address for your store to bring a steady stream of business opportunities, every entrepreneur must consider. Open a milk tea shop, but also to find some people flow places, so there is a more secure venture. Milk tea is the most popular young and casual people’s choice, we should try to think about these groups like places frequented by the main consideration of this place.

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Hangzhou property market chaos four departments jointly remediation

housing problem has always been of concern, but a little understanding of the real estate market friends are clear today’s real estate market is chaos, not only to the majority of the residents of the housing problems brought about, but also affected the development of the real estate market sustained, healthy and stable. Faced with this situation, the combination of the four departments of Hangzhou, the industry is being chaos rectification.

Hangzhou City Housing Bureau, Construction Committee, market supervision bureau, price bureau and other four departments jointly issued a notice on the 3 day, will include tie-in sale, selling fake "undocumented, the most expensive land" and other 15 kinds of unfair business practices to increase efforts to rectify and standardize the real estate market, and promote stable and healthy real estate market the development of. read more

Children can be divided into four target groups to identify positioning marketing easier

now, choose the children’s products industry to start a business, is a lot of people favor. The children’s market is not a single, so the plan’s advertising, should be based on different groups of children’s psychology and the use of targeted advertising, according to the importance of children’s psychology and group characteristics and "KENMAN" can be divided into four target groups. So, let’s share it.

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Do more worry and effort of the project he Malatang to join it

modern consumers either from economic or consumption level has got a very good promotion, so now to eat is also very attention, not only to eat, but also eat characteristics, eat stimulating consumers now is one of the very special spicy delicacy. This editorial recommendation the devil Malatang franchise brand is very good, the selection of organic ingredients, the use of Chinese herbal formula, ratio of science, brings more delicacy on the tongue to all consumers, he joined the Malatang, harvest the most delicious wealth. read more

High Qunsheng Hu soup good the whole to join

high Qunsheng Hu maeuntang eponymic catering projects, of course, this is the pioneer brand high qunsheng. His childhood with his father to learn the traditional Hu spicy soup cooking technology, is the eighteenth generation of high Ji Hu soup. The boiled soup Hu not only spicy smell, delicious taste, and a stomach spleen, cold, wind, and other effects of Huoxue Zhuanggu Yin yang.

Since the inception of the

brand, has won the "Henan famous", "Chinese famous snacks", "favorite consumer products", "the first Hu soup competition special award" honorary title. So high Qunsheng Hu soup how? read more

Bank launched its first venture credit card

credit card has become a part of people’s lives, many people may not know the existence of business credit cards, specifically for entrepreneurs to provide credit card powerful? What is the use? Together and Xiaobian look at.

"entrepreneurs" call it looks beautiful, but because of the lack of fixed income, fixed assets and other hardware, the entrepreneur is difficult to apply for a credit card. Yesterday, the Bank of Beijing issued a business card for a number of entrepreneurs in Zhongguancun incubator, which is China’s banking sector launched the first credit card for entrepreneurs. read more

2016 Quanzhou sold many car sales reached 160187 vehicles the whole

improve living standards at the same time, people are concerned about the price is the car, more and more people become a car owners, the car has also been a lot of popularity in the market. 2016, the major automotive brands frequently push new cars, SUV aggressive, domestic brands force, the purchase tax by half, driven by the automotive market ushered in an extraordinary year. But in the first half of 2016, the majority of dealers sales for the year is not optimistic, they not only sell distressed car no profit, more distressed car difficult. read more