How to achieve lasting flower shop

no matter in which industry to do business, as a result of spending a lot of effort to open up a shop for us, if you can make the store to achieve lasting prosperity, such a business is undoubtedly a success. However, it is not easy to achieve this goal, we need to make more efforts. So, how to achieve lasting flower shop? Let Xiaobian to introduce you.

one, followed by floral fashion trends.

flower shop window is the epitome of the flower shop, so the operator should be in the design of the window more effort. If the customer can not see fresh floral products in your window, they will not be to your shop to buy flowers, so we should closely follow the trend of floral, regardless of color, shape or other elements to fashion, fashion. To do this, we must pay attention to the study of floral courses, to observe a variety of flower show. In addition, pay more attention to the awareness of consumers in advance of the idea of thinking, good at using their awareness of this advance to inspire their inspiration. read more

Financial innovation and development of Fuzhou FTA remarkable results

in the positive response to the call of the state: "the public entrepreneurship, innovation," the premise of many local enterprises to expand their own path of innovation, and some have achieved remarkable success. Fuzhou Free Trade Zone financial innovation and fruitful! Yesterday, the Fuzhou Free Trade Zone Administrative Committee of the people’s Bank of China Fuzhou branch, Fujian banking regulatory bureau, Fujian securities regulatory bureau, Fujian Insurance Regulatory Bureau, the city finance office and other units, the second installment of the 13 Financial Innovation case. So far, Fuzhou Free Trade Zone released financial innovation cases have reached 41, in support of the real economy, promote trade and investment facilitation, deepen cross-strait financial cooperation and achieved positive results. read more

Hunan Wu’s pig investment introduction


first baked in the food and beverage market in pig’s trotters shop everywhere, the business seems to be booming, but the real money or those with a long history of operating experience in projects such as the Hunan pig’s trotters, Wu’s pig. In 1928 Wu Jia grandmother began to do the research methods and obtained the pig, when officials, diners to praise, to the 1955 Wu daughter-in-law Li Aizhi got grandma’s face every Sunday, five yard is always filled with diners eat pig, until now, the Wu family full of granddaughter Wu Yuehong again pass and, through repeated deployment, finally by making the old, traditional ingredients, do good flavor afraid of the whole pig, mother and son named "Wu Junwu’s pig" on August 2005 officially owns a small store. read more

Hebei will build hundreds of beautiful rural area to guide farmers to build beautiful countryside

2016 Hebei new rural construction process is faster and faster, for migrant workers returning home to start a business has laid a very good foundation. Hebei province will build 100 beautiful rural area this year, to achieve full coverage of the beautiful countryside in 2020.

read more

Guangxi to implement preferential tax policies for small and micro enterprises

is now in the whole society there are many Small and micro businesses, some Small and micro businesses that are receiving government policy support, at the same time, there are a lot of young entrepreneurs have also started business, set up some Small and micro businesses.

"we young people started soon, weak funds in the first half of this year, the tax department in a timely manner to our company shall be exempted from value-added tax of 154 thousand and 300 yuan, to solve the problem we venture capital turnover, enhance our confidence in entrepreneurship."   Guangxi Laibin City Pengda advertising limited company manager Shi Pengcheng said enjoy tax relief. read more

What are the first entrepreneurs to do

first venture, by a competitor, for the entire business market completely did not understand, if you are not able to do some work to get entrepreneurial success is actually very difficult. So, the first entrepreneurs should do what?

1, the first thing to do their own things: This is very important, any project in any industry is not three days two days can be figured out, don’t want to be too simple an industry, relevant industry experience is very important, if you are not familiar with the field, no matter how much money people not to follow suit. You may do is to follow the trend of the stepping stone of others. read more

Catering novice shop need to pay attention to these

for the food and beverage industry, in the novice is most likely to fail, do not you will never recover, this industry is so cruel, so before the opening, investors should understand some theories on knowledge management, in order to avoid going astray. So what do you need to open a new restaurant


a, determine the type of restaurant. It depends on your food market project visits, look at what you are suitable for the project, and then determine the grade level of the franchise.

two, site selection. According to the type of food and beverage shop to choose the right consumer groups, and then to their shop location. But also for the analysis of the traffic around the shop, it is best to find a few similar shops with their own shops to track the investigation. read more