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two, the text pageOptimization for the website optimization is not only the content of

How to optimize the

keywords, description tags: I think these two labels to optimize already has nothing to do with, but will not bring the consequences of excessive optimization, it can be cut to optimize Keywords tag, description tag, but not to cut down, although not to the description tag website optimization, but it is very important for the user experience, so to do optimization, you can write some attractive and readable words as described. read more

To solve the noble baby webmaster tool export data garbled

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, the 2 links pointing to your site

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statistics data captureThe number of

data can see the website of the internal links, whether important pages get more internal links? Internal link distribution you do good? Here you can clearly see, with the ranking index and the website above said external links will know who get the external links page is not enough, there are the data guide website of Shanghai dragon.

so there is need to export data to do? That noble baby webmaster tools not good is only derived data is not our common format, some people use the encoding conversion tool to achieve normal format view, but I think this way is slow, here is my own way. read more

Advantages and disadvantages of self help website constructionThe Secretary of a blue red venture bu

Liu Chuanzhi, President of

Lenovo once said such a sentence, "the leader of Arabia is the number of 1, with the 1, with a 0, it is 10, two and 0 is 100, three and 0 is 1000, a good leader, to be able to personally personally do an example, lead the team to grow and secure them together. For the senior level of ability, so a rumor: how executives do not know the direction of the flow of the three, let them fail to continue to explore; second executives know how to communicate but still cannot indicate the road; and top executives can clear objectives, clear team members need not make the way weeds do. read more

2012 classic event marketing case SKYCC borrow video marketing success

video marketing, subsequent video "IT grass root identity exposure, then issued by" video secret event in the first video release when the waste heat is not scattered, once again aroused fervent attention, compared to the first video on the area of the SKYCC combination marketing software advertising, the video clearly increase the length of SKYCC, said SKYCC director of lead and encourage free SKYCC combination marketing software. This is a classic place.

SKYCC I think, this video marketing approach is very good, hard journey IT grass root webmaster can easily cause webmaster and IT entrepreneurs will pay attention to the emotional resonance, natural video, also inadvertently remember SKYCC combination marketing software, is very classic. read more

XWebHosting host the United States foreign trade electricity supplier website darling

website has great influence on the foreign business enterprise, in China, due to the reason of the network, foreign domestic users access to the site, there are certain differences. Sometimes there will be very slow or website isn’t open, so the occasional, for the website is normal, but for foreign trade enterprises have a serious loss. Site open speed slow or not open, will make the business potential customers lost. Customers can not wait the site slowly opened, the site open cannot provide an understanding of product opportunities, not to mention the subsequent turnover of read more

Lu Yuhua SEM of measures to deal with the black hat Shanghai dragon was fined after operation

love Shanghai search engine rules page key words should not be too much, do not insert no related words, otherwise regarded as cheating, is likely to be included in the blacklist. For the keyword density, there are thousands of Baitai network parlance. Lu Yuhua SEM believes the best range is 2%~7%, for new sites, as well as a smaller keyword density. If the website is an on-line high density keyword layout, easy to be search engine that you do keyword stuffing, so as to receive the punishment.

keyword density read more

Any nternet user experience the first time Shanghai Dragon

is a small series of self reference instructions when Shanghai love experience, no other guesses of Italy, the webmaster can look across, if you want to discuss a message. The original 88 tiger fortune sign test (贵族宝贝88hu贵族宝贝/xingzuo/), please indicate.

launched a new version of the white paper, and the content of the site made for television commentary, most of the existence of fraud in the video site, which seriously affect the user experience. As a user often chase drama will search for relevant keywords drama, often presented to the user in the search results are false, cheat the user traffic. This site to the user without experience at all. read more

About 360 search and love Shanghai in search of user experience with specific function


in the film, the 360 search should be love Shanghai model to imitate, is also a film, because the love of Shanghai is working with Iqiyi, 360 search film mainly from the 360 film unique information platform, which is the main source of the film, in the two aspects, for information resources, people still think love Shanghai television channel more gained popularity, after all, is now online video to youkutudou as the core, and then drop the market share, the 360 film where the current


  read more

A failure of the Shanghai dragon Er what it is like

Shanghai dragon industry today, the successful Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai dragon team and Shanghai dragon training institutions, but have not thought about a failure of the Shanghai dragon Er is what look like? The success of Shanghai Longfeng er must be in a certain area has a unique profile or success achieved by Shanghai dragon my ideal and the kind of people share their own experiences out; the success of the Shanghai Phoenix team is a team with the success of technology, theory and practice and help a lot of enterprises or individuals to achieve their ideal; the success of the Shanghai dragon training institutions must also be some success in training a group and a group of the Shanghai Dragon worker, let them realize their dreams in life, then a failure of the Shanghai dragon Er what is read more

And the final ranking processing feature weighting on

on the Internet all the data only two, discrete and continuous. Continuity can count the number of the chain, for example, keyword occurrences, processing of these factors is used directly to count, but because some number may be very large, must be taken to reduce the influence of the log, there is a problem of 贵族宝贝blog.sina贵族宝贝.cn/ s/blog_5dac285301010jpj.html is larger when the log will be reduced once the influence of zero, said dianping贵族宝贝 keyword density problems here, there is a lot of problems, in some measure, whether or not to take the number, are showing a positive effect, but the role of reduced, this is a problem such as acceleration, smaller force, acceleration smaller, but the speed also increased ing. This is a misunderstanding. read more