Shanghai Longfeng optimization work attitude don’t let the ordinary into mediocrity

early this morning to open the site, found the WuXi Railway Station was collected, a little joy, after all his efforts to see the effect. But not long, not included, the cause of this phenomenon is that the web server does not open, we all know that if a site is not open 24 hours, not included in the search engine, keyword ranking dropped significantly, if not open 48 hours, after the site keyword ranking to 50. Website weight decreased, so we work hard before, in vain! This is not a yawn killed. So whether it is new or old station we have to ensure the site can be opened, it is best to find a stable server of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble. read more

ncrease the site outside the chain inventory methods


forum and classified information network, should we do in the chain of the main positions. The soft, advertising is the most direct bombing targets are forum and classification information network. In addition to put a link in the article content, can also use the forum signature.


chain is the Internet, share the hub. For our webmaster, the chain is from external sites into our own web site. The chain in the process of Web site optimization, occupy a pivotal position. Then, increase the site outside the chain what read more